My portfolio of short films I have created for a variety of disciplines ranging from fitness to the great outdoors. Contact me to discuss content creation for your business.
Fitness Montage
A lyrical short film demonstrating the importance of setting goals and persevering in spite of obstacles. Progress isn't linear, but you can achieve your goals if you keep showing up and trying. 

Yoga Video
A lyrical short film featuring fitness trainer Kathy Caveney from Hybrid Fitness. Kathy reminds us that yoga and fitness are for everyone regardless of where they are at. Fitness is a journey. 
Crusherman: The Tony Russell Story
A short documentary film discussing the challenges of living with rheumatoid arthritis while working in a physically demanding job as a laborer. 
Woodturning Promo
A collaborative film created for woodturner Beth Ireland at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine promoting her upcoming Patreon site. Beth has an abundance of wood working knowledge she would like to share with subscribers interested in learning more about the trade. 
A collaborative music video featuring Alice Limoges and Bill Barnes.
Ice Fishing
An experimental short film exploring a day on the ice in Maine.
Winter Birds
An experimental short film exploring the beauty and danger of nature.

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